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Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort of)

Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh Five stars 
Isobel McArthur’s audacious and thoroughly (post) modern pop-tastic remix of Jane Austen’s girl-powered rom-com has already cleaned up in terms of audience and critical acclaim. This has been the case both when the Blood of the Young company first brought Paul Brotherston’s breathless production to the Tron in Glasgow in 2018, as well as throughout its current UK tour.
This time out, and with the Lyceum on board as co-producers, the sisterhood has been expanded for McArthur and co.’s turbo-charged pot-pourri of proto-feminist fire and prime-time cork-popping froth. Where before there were five performers play-acting Austen’s dissection of love and life in nineteenth century ballrooms from a servants’ eye view, now there are six. The addition of Felixe Forde to the fold doesn’t in any way demean the quick-fire romp through the romantic merry dance that plays out between ferocious she-punk in waiting Lizzy Bennett and mono-syllabic nice guy toff …
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Luke Sutherland – Rev Magnetic

When Luke Sutherland formed Rev Magnetic to release his first self-generated music for more than a decade, the former driving force behind Long Fin Killie and Bows as well as sometime collaborator with Mogwai had a story to tell. Given that the Scots-African composer and singer has also penned three novels, the most recent of which, Venus as a Boy, was turned into a stage play for the National Theatre of Scotland in which Sutherland appeared alongside actor Tam Dean Burn, this should come as no surprise.
As audiences for Rev Magnetic’s two shows in Edinburgh tonight and Glasgow next week should recognise, the band’s resultant Versus Universe album and new single, Schoenberg in America, tells a story that only Sutherland could conjure up. At the heart of Versus Universe’s narrative is a middle-aged woman whose astronaut parents disappeared in the early days of a space programme launched in the late 1970s by a West German company in what was then Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Con…

Andy Robin - An Obituary

Andy Robin – Wrestler
Born August 31, 1935; died December 4, 2019
Andy Robin, who has died aged 84, may have been best known for Hercules, the wrestling bear who he and his former show-jumping champion wife Maggie effectively adopted as a member of the family. Robin was nevertheless a powerful and popular wrestler in his own right, whose trademark power lock became a winning move to be feared. Entering the ring to the sound of Scotland the Brave, sometimes wielding a full size tractor tyre while sporting a kilt, Robin became a local hero, whose pre-Hercules success chimed with the grappling game’s boom years. He made frequent TV appearances on World of Sport’s Saturday afternoon broadcasts that attracted millions of viewers.
Things changed, however, ehen Robin bought Hercules for £50 from the Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie when the bear was nine months old. Robin had hit upon the idea after wrestling another bear, Terrible Ted, while appearing at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto while…