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Seeing the Light - Andrew Weatherall, Denise Johnson and the Most Important Artwork in Edinburgh

The sky was ablaze  with light over  c entral  Edinbu rgh   last  Saturday  night . O n what would have been the opening weekend of the 2020 Edinburgh International Festival, the  heavens   were n’t   lit up  by fireworks, as is the norm at thi s time of year . Rather, the shafts of light that pierced the air were part of a  spectacular  installation design ed to illuminate the  city’s  empty theatres and ve nues  that would  ordinarily  be hosting EIF events this month.    Created by  lighting de signers Kate Bonney and Simon Hayes ,  aka Lightworks,  the sky-borne spectacle was the flagship event of My Lig ht Shines On. This is the name given to  E IF’s  d igital programme of films   taking place on line throughout August  in place of the physical events cancelled by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic .    The films showcase   performances of commissioned works from Scotland’s national arts companies , including  Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, the Ro yal Scottish National Orchestra and